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For questions about or issues with this site, contact Dennis Sousa:

Phone: (401) 456-8844


PSA@RIC Officers (11/1/2021-10/31/2023)

Dennis Sousa, President
Ken Gilbert, Vice President
Maria Boutier, Treasurer
Laura Faria-Tancinco, Secretary

PSA@RIC Executive Board Members (11/1/2022-10/31/2023)

Academic Affairs Divisional Representatives:

  • Victoria Gao
  • Ken Hughes

Administration and Finance Divisional Representatives:

  • Phillip Tow
  • Laura Coelho
  • Janet Phillips
  • David Toms

Advancement/Professional Studies & Continuing Education/ Community, Equity, Diversity/President Divisional Representatives:

  • Jen Bell-Cole
  • Benjamin Dugas

Student Success Divisional Representatives:

  • Amy Avila
  • Tamecka Hardmon
  • Frangely Ventura